Moving & Handling Courses

Abuka offers both a half and full day Moving & Handling Course suitable for either a full introduction or as a refresher suitable for nurses, carers and support workers.


This course is designed for those on annual update, support workers needing to upskill themselves in this area to support transition into care work, or new care workers as part of their wider training package. Where training is delivered in-house, it may be possible to use your organisation’s equipment to ensure staff are taught on the items they will use daily. However, all our trainers carry with them as standard: Collapsible hoist, slings, slide sheets, turntable, transfer boards, anatomical spine and “lifting man” dummy. The course can be a full or half day, dependent on your general or specific requirements. We are happy to tailor your training to your specific needs and our Training Manager will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Course Includes

  • Anatomy and ergonomics
  • Principles of safer handling
  • Levels of assistance
  • Moving and handling assessment
  • POSRA (Personal on the Spot Risk Assessment)
  • Introduction to Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)
  • Loads in personal care
  • The mechanics of natural movement
  • Assist to stand and sit
  • Repositioning in a chair
  • Repositioning in bed
  • Assisting into and out of bed
  • Slide sheets
  • Hoist and sling safety
  • Assisting a fallen person
  • Unsafe manoeuvres
We do also offer a two-day Welsh Passport in which all learners will receive the necessary training requirements to fulfill the Welsh scheme, please contact the team to discuss this in further detail.

Moving & Handling Courses

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