Tissue Viability / Pressure Ulcer Prevention

This half-day Tissue Viability course is suitable for nurses and carers.


Pressure ulcers remain a large problem in health and social care settings, with the NHS spending an estimated £600 million per year on pressure ulcer treatments. The development of pressure ulcers could be classified as neglect under safeguarding systems because, with awareness and training, good moving and handling techniques and effective skin care, they are straightforward to prevent. This course reinforces to learners the importance of avoiding this painful problem, recognising pressure areas and how to prevent ulcers.

Course Includes

  • Defining tissue viability in relation to pressure ulcers
  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Responsibilities, legislation and best practice sources
  • Pressure area identification
  • Pressure ulcer grading
  • Pressure ulcer prevention (inc. risk assessment (eg. Waterlow) and the SSKIN model)
  • Identifying Pressure Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcer Treatments

Course Outcome

In order to successfully complete this course, learners complete a multiple-choice quiz and show practical competency to the trainer.

Tissue Viability / Pressure Ulcer Prevention

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