Sensory Impairment Awareness

Our sensory impairment awareness training is designed to aid healthcare staff in understanding how sensory impairments impact everyday life.
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This half day course is suitable for all staff to gain an understanding of how sensory impairments can have an impact on different aspects of a persons’ life.  With a practical, experiential session, the course gives learners the opportunity to experience what it may be like to live with impairments.

Course Contents

  • Define sensory impairment/sensory loss (including deafness, blindness and deaf-blindness)
  • Have an awareness of the commonly used terminologies to describe the sensory loss
  • Have a knowledge of the statistics relating to blindness, deafness and deaf-blindness in the UK
  • Have awareness of some of the causes of sensory impairment
  • Be able to recognise sensory impairment
  • Have an awareness of the impact of different sensory losses on the individual
  • The use of effective communication tactics to improve our interaction with and care for those who have sensory impairments
  • Tips on how to maximise communication with people who have sensory impairments (including practical communication)
  • The importance of equipment training and environmental adjustment
  • Alternative ways of accessing information relating to sensory impairment
  • Helpful organisations, equipment, and websites, for those with a sensory impairment
  • Further training opportunities available for carers and other health and social care workers.

Course Outcomes

Successful completion of this training course will result in the award of a CPD accredited certificate covering all aspects of the above course contents.

Sensory Impairment Awareness
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