Risk Assessments (For Managers)

The Risk Assessing course is a one day training course suitable for managers.


The term ‘Risk Assessment’ can strike fear in managers and owners of business premises. However, with straightforward planning, and installing “sensible and proportionate” systems, risk assessments do not need to be a complicated task. This one day training is specifically geared towards managers in care settings and considers the processes and validated tools that can be used to ensure risk assessments are accurate and meeting legal obligations. This course includes the opportunity for learners to complete a practical risk assessment within their work setting.

Course Contents

  • Risk assessments and relevant legislation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The 5 steps of risk assessments
  • Identifying hazards
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Likelihood and severity of risks
  • Final steps in the risk assessment
  • Recording, reporting, reviewing and updating
  • Planning your own risk assessment

Course Outcomes

Successful completion of this training course will result in the award of a CPD accredited certificate covering all aspects of the above course contents.

Risk Assessments (For Managers)
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