Record Keeping and Documentation

This Record Keeping course is a half day training course suitable for nurses and carers.


If it isn’t written down, it hasn’t happened!”. Many care staff provide excellent care but forget the importance of keeping accurate records and remembering why this is important. Sometimes, it is when things go wrong – for example an incident occurs – that issues with record keeping are highlighted. This half day course refreshes and reminds care staff about the importance of record keeping, what good record keeping looks like, what should and should not be included, and the implications of mistakes.

Course Includes

  • CQC, CSSIW and wider Government expectations
  • Legal considerations, codes and standards
  • Accountability records, roles and responsibilities
  • The Data Protection Act, confidentiality and disclosure, Caldicott principles, Freedom of Information Act and other applicable legislation
  • Types and functions of
  • Principles of good record keeping
  • Errors and barriers related to record keeping

Record Keeping and Documentation

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