Medication Management

Suitable for Nurses and Carers working within healthcare establishments. This course provides 7 hours of CPD.


This one day course gives learners the knowledge to help them to safely and effectively administer and manage medication in a care or support setting. The course covers:
  • What is a drug?
  • What is a medicine?
  • Legal categories of medicines
  • Category identifications on original packaging
  • Types and contents of prescriptions and pharmacy medication labels
  • The laws regarding the administration of medicines, including MCA and Covert Medications
  • Understanding administration directions
  • Liquid medications (storage and safe administration)
  • Policies for administration (inc. not administering from family-prepared containers etc..)
  • Drug crushing and covert medication (including legal and medical implications)
  • Differences between systemic and topical medicines
  • Infection control considerations for both carers and service users – use of gloves and other PPE
  • Non-prescription medicines including herbal; dangers, contraindications and side effects
  • The 7 rights of administration
  • Practical guidance on the giving of medicines, including oral, transdermal patches, inhalers, eye/ear drops and ointments
  • Awareness of administration via other routes
  • M.A.R.R sheets, their purpose and uses
  • Topical medicines: Using the correct amounts of creams, lotions and gels
  • Controlled drugs books Emergency supplies and interims
  • Unwanted medicines (disposal and recording)
  • The Law regarding the alteration of doses and cross person administration
  • Storage and side effects
  • Food and medication interactions and contraindications
  • Self-administration and the level of assistance

Course Outcome

This course includes theoretical and practical activities and assessments to ensure understanding.

Medication Management

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