Suitable for Nurses and Carers working within healthcare establishments. This course provides 3.5 hours of certifiable CPD

Oral Health and Hygiene


CQC (England) and CIW (Wales) are honing-in on the quality of care given to residents related to their oral health and hygiene. Our half day, CPD Accredited course for staff, covers the following topics:

  • Categories of Drugs / Medicines
  • Why oral health is important
  • Risk factors
  • Mouth anatomy (oral cavity; vestibule and proper)
  • Bones, muscles and glands
  • Involvement in the respiratory and digestive system
  • Speech production and swallowing issues
  • The mouth as a health indicator
  • Tooth anatomy and issues 


  • Relationship between the mouth and other physical health conditions 
  • Providing support for oral hygiene 
  • Top tips for promoting oral hygiene in “resistant” individuals
Course Outcome

The contents of this course are accredited by the CPD Certification Service and provide attendees with 3.5 hours of certifiable CPD


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