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Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Integrated Care Trafford Locality Board required assistance to implement a comprehensive training and coaching programme from a bespoke training provider.

The requirements were initially in response to system pressures and increased acuity pressures for discharge from hospital as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce avoidable admissions.

In addition, Abuka were asked to work in partnership to deliver training related to the Enhanced Health in Care Home programme. The training delivered linked to key quality improvement initiatives such as pressure care, delirium and personalised care planning.

Abuka Ltd was awarded the contract as an established Greater Manchester based agency to provide a Private Care Sector training offer to support hospital flow and admission avoidance.


The goals outlined by Trafford Council for this project were:

  • Skilling up the care workforce to have the skill and competency to support admissions in to the sector
  • Supporting the health and social care workforce to improve and increase their skills to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, and support more rapid and safe discharges to home or 24hr registered care.
  • Providing a knowledge and competency assessment skillset, to enable providers to be in a stronger position to accept hospital discharges, manage more complex needs and deliver bespoke training needs aligned to prevent extended hospital stays.

Delivering training to Trafford-only providers from the following sectors:

  • Home Care
  • Residential and Nursing
  • Supported Living
  • LD/MH Services
  • Personal Health Budget Personal Assistants
  • Primary Care

Client Feedback

This service attended multiple training sessions via Abuka, which they have described as being “invaluable to our staffing and management teams”.

picture of Merry Leslee, Manager, Trafford Council

Merry Leslee
Trafford Council

The Abuka team have been extremely professional and have provided valuable input/ advice in relation to course content and delivery.

Abuka provided bespoke or focused training sessions in specific areas where concerns have been raised either through aspects of quality assurance or safeguarding concerns, such as high levels of falls or poor medication management.

Communication has been essential and Abuka have ensured any concerns or feedback have been shared to the relevant person in a timely manner.

Sessions appear to be comprehensive and well presented.

Members of Abuka have attended the monthly and quarterly meetings and submitted reports and any additional information required.

Course Feedback

Various courses were delivered through the duration of the programme. This feedback was given in relation to specific courses, and demonstrates the value that they provide.

Medication Management

Ensured that our medication support knowledge is up to date and current. Has also benefitted the training department in creating better and more comprehensive competence assessments to reduce errors.

React to Red

Used to create Pressure Care Champions in our teams to ensure we remain on the ball in fighting the risk of pressure developing and understanding who is most at risk in our service.

Falls Prevention

Used to create champions and better assessment tools in order to identify risks from a front line perspective rather than a paper exercise.


Useful in identifying ways to prevent admission into hospital, how to provide correct care to a service user who requires PEG management, what to do if a PEG tube came out and how to unblock it.

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