Removing Low Level Disruption

This Removing Low-Level Disruption full-day training course is suitable for those working with children and young adults within an education or care setting.


Low-level disruption is the bane of the school teacher’s working life. This course will offer realistic solutions that have been proven to work for keeping students on task and minimizing costly low-level disruption. We will engage with six methodologies to prevent hundreds of hours being wasted by students’ off-task behavior. This isn’t a behavior management course that sells just a single way of dealing with all cases of low-level disruption. Quite the opposite, it will provide a variety of solutions to the low-level disruption that will be demonstrated and teachers can reflect upon which technique works for them.

This Course Covers

  • The Teacher-Student Relationship
  • What do you do with the first 10 minutes of the lesson?
  • Boundaries and routines that work
  • Voice and body language. Why you need to look and sound the part
  • The ‘effective ladder’
  • Solutions to Difficult Situations
  • Classroom management during oral work
  • The ‘Canton System’ – explained, analysed and demonstrated
  • Dealing with confrontation – the realist’s guide
  • The ‘Reinbeck system’ – explained, analysed and demonstrated
  • More Advanced Techniques
  • Assertive discipline properly explained
  • Dealing with hot-spots most effectively
  • Tough love and academic rigour… yes, we do need to retain both.
  • Lesson plans that inspire and contain no box-ticking

Removing Low Level Disruption

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