Food Safety (Level 2 Standard)

This half-day Food Safety (Level 2 Standard) course is suitable for all staff in food preparation/handling roles.


This half day course provides the knowledge and skills required to ensure food safety. Everyone who works within a food environment, such as schools, care homes, pubs and hotels, have a responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensure the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe for consumption. Upon successful completion, learners receive certification which, it is recommended, is updated every three years.

Course Includes

  • Food safety systems
  • Techniques related to the management of food safety
  • Procedures for ensuring safety in the food environment
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food storage
  • Cooking and handling food
  • Expertise to deliver quality food to consumers
  • Completion of multiple-choice quiz/assessment

Course Outcome

Learners completing this course will be equipped with an understanding of Multiple Sclerosis, and how to support those living with the illness within a care setting.

Food Safety (Level 2 Standard)

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