Suitable for Nurses and Carers working within healthcare establishments. This course provides 7 hours of CPD.

Medications Management


This one day course gives learners the knowledge to help them to safely and effectively
administer and manage medication in a care or support setting. The course covers:

  • Categories of Drugs / Medicines
  • Pharmacy Labels
  • Administration Directions
  • Policies and “The 7 Rights”
  • Systematic and Topical Medicines
  • Disposal and Recording
  • Self-Administration
  • Prescriptions
  • Laws Regarding Administration
  • Storage and Safe Administrations
  • Crushing and Covert Medicines
  • Main Administration Routes
  • Administration via Naso-Gastric Tube
  • MARR Sheets and Topical Charts
  • Side Effects
  • Emergency Supplies and Interims
Course Outcome

This course includes theoretical and practical activities and assessments to ensure understanding.


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