Key-DeMVA – De-Escalation and Management of Violence and Aggression Two Day ‘Flagship’ CPD Training Programme


Key-DeMVA is Abuka’s own two day, flagship behaviour management training programme,
comprehensively covering the main behaviours and triggers found in a range of care settings, communicating
effectively with a range of individuals showing signs of ‘challenging behaviour’, how to identify and de-escalate
situations and – as a last resort – safe breakaway and avoidance techniques and safe, dignified holds for those
individuals who present with higher risk challenging behaviours.

Course Includes
    • Defining aggression and violence
    • Control options
    • Where and how anger originates
    • Neuro-linguistic programming
    • Causes of violence and aggression in care settings
    • What outcome do we want to achieve?
    • The top ten agitators
    • Building rapport
    • The needs of individuals
    • Understanding perceived and real threats
    • The ‘hotel’ model
    • Anger development stages
    • Anxiety and responses to anxiety
    • Biological changes in anger situations
    • How staff may contribute to conflict
    • Behaviour mapping and conflict
    • Considering organisational culture
    • De-escalation, distraction and communication
    • Types of aggression
    • Safe breakaway and hold techniques

For more specific course content on this specialist training, please contact Abuka on 0161 641 1297.

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