These full or half day Catheterisation courses are suitable for nurses and experienced staff

Catheterisation (for Nurses)


This course is ideal as an update on the skills required for male and female catheterisation. This course considers the latest legislation and best practice, as well as a fully practical session using anatomically-correct male and female models, Foley catheters, personal care kits, night bags and other accessories for performing the procedure. Please note that this course is not designed for staff who are brand new to catheterisation and Abuka, as part of the course materials, recommend the use of observed competencies following the training.

Course Includes
    • Definition of catheterisation

    • Legislation, best practice, recommendations and individual policies and procedures

    • Anatomy and physiology

    • Equipment selection

    • Patient consent and preparation

    • Errors and potential complications

    • Aseptic techniques and infection control considerations

    • The Catheterisation procedure

    • After care (you may also consider our Catheter and Stoma Care which is a follow-on from this course)


In order to successfully complete this course, learners will be required to complete a 20-question answer paper and evidence practical competency to the Qualified Nurse assessor.


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